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GSoC: Final Submission

Update [2022-10-11] After some last changes we finished merging the Pull Request and you can try out Faust on HISE from HISE's develop branch: I updated the configuration and build instructions accordingly. Final Submission Over the last months I have been working on integrating the Faust DSP programming language into the HISE virtual instrument framework. With the result you can either add existing Faust DSP files to a HISE project for FX processing or use HISE as a development environment for Faust.

Static Compilation of Faust nodes

Static Compilation The main goal of my project is to allow creators of HISE instruments to incorporate Faust code into their finished product. Up until this point my focus was on just-in-time compilation in order to aid rapid development: You can change the Faust source code, click reload and now the same DSP node behaves differently. While this is really helpful during development, for the finalized product this approach has some drawbacks:

Namespaces and Libraries

Even if you aren't a big fan of C++ and many of its features, one that you will still probably agree with in principle (not necessarily in implementation) is the concept of namespaces. For those who just tilted their head: Namespaces allow us to separate syntactic elements in our code e.g., variables, functions and classes from one another, like we can separate files from one another using directories in a file system.